Finance your engagement ring


Would you not like to finance your engagement ring? Then why burden yourself with spending three month’s worth of your salary, on an engagement ring or that special gift, when you can pay it off over a period of 3 months instead.

This way you can buy that special someone what they truly deserve and not have to compromise!

At The Diamond Shoppe, we understand that buying an engagement ring is not a small decision, this is a big step in a relationship and further more a fairly sized financial decision. With uncertain times looming no one wants to dig into their savings and why should you if you can take on zero debt and no interest with us?

The Process

After choosing your desired diamond and settling on your dream design, we will require a 20% deposit. 

Next, the ring will be made up by our jewellers and it will be ready in 3 to 4 weeks. With our financing option you will pay no interest over the three month period, however we will not release the ring to you until the payment has been made in full. 

You can stagger your payments over 3 months maximum and pay it up in full any time before then. You will be able to come to our showroom and inspect the finished ring, try it on to make sure it fits perfectly and of course take photos. 

Once the final payment has been made on the 3rd month, we will either ship it to you or you may collect it.

Using this financing option will relieve you from one larger payment and allow you to make smaller chunks of payments as your income comes in, at a comfortable rate.

If you like the sound of this, have a look at our diamonds and get an idea of ring designs. Once you have found your dream ring, then finance it with us!

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