When looking for your engagement ring, the colour of your diamond is extremely important; but how do you know you are making the right choice?

Colour ranges

Diamonds come in a variety of colours, ranging from blues to pinks to completely white. The colours that you are probably most acquainted with is within the white spectrum. “D” colour being the whitest that a diamond can become, mainly contributed by it being pure carbon and containing no other elements.

As we move down the alphabet, diamonds attain a slight tinge of yellow, increasing as we near “Z”. The yellow tinge within the diamond is due to the nitrogen molecules that the diamond engrossed during the forming process. When exposed to light, the nitrogen molecules absorb blue light and as a result reflect as yellow.

Diamond Colour Chart

What to buy?


Let’s get to the part of what you, as the buyer, should consider when buying your engagement ring. If you want the bragging rights that you have a “D” coloured diamond, then look no further, but be prepared to pay the price. However, if you have a more conservative approach to spending your hard-earned cash then peer down the scale. You will be surprised how white an “H”, “I” or even “K” coloured diamond looks when it isn’t compared to a “D” colour.

Tips and Tricks


This is important as the colour of a mid-range diamond is only noticeable if compared next to a “D” coloured diamond, and how often do you stumble upon one of those when going about your day-to-day life?

Another great way to make the more tinged Diamonds, such as “K”, “L” ad “M” colours, look whiter is setting them in Rose Gold. The growing popularity of this different looking gold can make “K” colours and alike look a lot whiter due to the contrast in colour that the rose gold offers.

So the next time you are looking to buy a diamond for your engagement ring, think about the gold colour you would like to use as this can play to your advantage and more importantly don’t compare apples with oranges, i.e. “H” to “D”, as you may come out a bit disappointed. Rather have the diamond placed in a white, yellow or rose gold setting where you can see its “real life” colour.

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