Oval Diamonds VS Round Diamonds

Round diamonds historically have been the highest demanded diamond shape, however there has been a surge in popularity for oval diamonds. This begs the questions, which is better?

We have put together this brief summary of pointers to hopefully guide you in the right diamond direction.

The Main Differences: Oval diamonds vs Round diamonds

Oval Diamonds

•Overall look of ovals is often bigger
•Cost is less than a round
•A very elegant and sleek look on the finger
•Rarer diamond cut, making it more unique
•Lots of sparkle and lustre





Oval Diamond engagement ring

Round Diamonds

• A timeless diamond cut
• Larger range of choice when compared to ovals
• The most brilliant and sparkly of all the diamond shapes
• Flexible jewellery design possibilities
• In some cases will hold its value better


Round diamond engagement ring

Budget & Sparkle Lets Talk About It

One of the biggest factors leading to the popular demand for the oval diamond is simply it’s shape! Its elongated sleek look gives the diamond an often bigger appearance on the finger. A further bonus is that when nicely cut it can sparkle as much as a round and best of all it comes to you at greater value when compared to a round diamond.

So why is the oval more cost effective than the round?

Well due to the shape of the oval when we cut and polish a rough diamond we can recover a better yield out of the rough diamond. In addition to this the international diamond trading market sells oval diamonds at a 20-30% discounted rate when compared to the equivalent round diamond.

What should you be wary of?

Be wary of the cut of an oval diamond, some cutters will cut these incredibly flat or incredibly deep to maintain as much weight as possible. This often also leads to the oval diamond having something called a bow tie which is a black dullness in the belly of the oval cut diamond.

Oval Diamonds

Investment & Sparkle Lets Talk About It

The round brilliant cut is the most highly demanded diamond shape and dominates approximately 60-70% of the market. This comes down to strong marketing campaigns dating back to the 70’s as well as the investment value in the round brilliant cut.

So why is the round cut more expensive than the oval?

There are two main factors for this, the first is that we recover far less weight out of the rough diamond when cutting a round when compared to an oval shape, this adds a premium. Secondly round cut diamonds are held to far stricter standards than the oval in terms of cut, polish and symmetry. So much so that traders will happily trade round diamonds over the phone without having seen the diamond.

What should you be wary of?

While many round diamonds are investible it is not true that all are. Again the cut of the diamond will be very important and the colour clarity combination on a round diamond. Stick to reputable diamond traders and be very careful of online diamond buying without having seen the diamond or at the very least having received an HD video of your diamond.

Round Diamonds

In Conclusion

We love both of these shapes and like most things it will come down to your preference in the actual shape of diamond. Ideally sit down and view a few different options in both round and oval cut diamonds to see which ones really grab your attention. Also to get a feel for pricing check out our loose diamonds section here to get a better idea.

Irrespective of your choice we are happy to consult and guide you. You are welcome to call or WhatsApp and we can get into even more details about these beautiful gifts from nature.


Oval Diamonds vs Round Diamonds
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