Getting Engaged? Unsure of your partner’s ring size?

You are not alone!


Finally, the next step in your life has arrived…You are planning to get Engaged!!!!

Not only is this process daunting, but now you have no clue as to what her finger size is…. YOU ARE NOT ALONE,

but finding out the size does not have to be a tricky as you may think.

Some couples go to a jeweler to get their fingers sized, but some would like this special occasion to remain a secret until the proposal…so how do you measure her finger?

Hopefully after reading this, you can rest assured that you, from the comfort of your home, are on the right track to get her size.

How Ring Sizing Works

The measurements are measured in millimeters based upon the inner circumference of the ring (not the outer circumference). These millimeters are then transferred over to a ring size chart, which is broken down into finger sizes.

measuring her finger size

TIP #1: These methods are ONLY if you are not planning on a SURPRISE…. she will get suspicious!! 😊


Go Ring Shopping Together

While this is not a “comfort of your home method,” this is a fab way which will assist you to generate a good idea of her style, of her likes and dislikes, nothing quite like proposing and get her DREAM ring WRONG!!! #epicfail

Does she like a round stone or perhaps a fancy shape, what colour metal does she like…. many questions!

This way, you can keep a certain element of surprise for when you are ready to take the journey down the path of designing your OWN ring!! In all the excitement of bling shopping, DO NOT forget about measuring her finger size.

Use the Sizing Guide

We have attached a pdf file of a ring sizing guide; all you need to do is print is. It is important that you make sure the printed page is the exact specifications listed on the guide (i.e. PDF format at 100%).

Download and print YOUR sizing guide tool

Measure with string or cord to find her Ring Size

Wrap a piece of string/ paper around her finger and mark where the ends fit together, make sure it is not too loose. Measure the length in millimeters to obtain the ring circumference. When measuring for the ring size, you’ll want to stay at the base of your finger, so if using the strip of paper method, ensure that it is not to thick or wide.

measuring her finger size

TIP #2: If you are planning to keep this totally under wraps, then these methods work too!


Borrow one of Her Rings

If your Future Fiancée happens to have a few rings, use them as a guide to find out her size:

  • Trace the ring: Place the ring on a sheet of paper and trace the inside circumference of the ring.
  • Measure the ring’s diameter: Using a ruler, measure the diameter of the inside of the ring in Millimeters
  • Mark your finger: Fit one of her rings on your finger and mark where the ring stops.
  • Take the ring to the jewelry store: Your Jeweler will measure her finger size from her ring.


Ask her Friends, Sister or Mom

There is nothing quite like GIRLPOWER, get her friends or family to go on a window-shopping trip.

(Remember…you can always do some bribing with Bubbly and Cheesecake!!!)

Let them be your eyes and take pictures, pass on all information on to you of her likes and dislikes,

get them to all do a ring finger measuring session for fun…wink…wink!

measuring her finger size

To Conclude…

Now that you have read our Tips and done all your homework on her ring needs and wants,

you are closer to designing your own unique Dream ring for your Engagement!!

Good luck x   

measuring her finger size
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